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Off of Anne Reburn's debut EP Dis Tracks comes her first official music video, "Happy Birthday."
"Happy Birthday," in short, is a story about being at a birthday party for someone you hate.


Surrounded by people who have broken her trust, Anne describes the toxic dynamics of the friendships there. What should be a tight-knit circle becomes a treacherous game as everyone clamors over themselves to please the birthday boy. As she addresses the one who's taken everything and given nothing, her frustration grows and spills out into the song's punchline: wishing the guest of honor a "happy fucking birthday". 

Dis Tracks explores the end and aftermath of a toxic relationship,​ how it feels when someone tries to take your voice away, and how it looks to find it and take it back.


Though the songs are inspired by raw emotion, seething rage and deep heartbreak, Anne's sweet voice lends a lightness to these fun pop songs. While the subject matter is serious, she never takes herself too seriously.

"Happy Birthday" released August 1, 2019. Watch it now on YouTube!

"Happy Birthday" was produced by Joshua Abelson and co-written by Anne Reburn and Jordan Lindley.

Mixed by Joshua Abelson. Master and vocals recording by Danny Byrne.

Official music video was produced and directed by Louie Seguin. 

Dis Tracks is out now on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Pandora, and more.

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