how to support me

Here by popular demand!

I'm proud to be an independent artist, and I depend on the support of my community to make a living. Since music streaming services pay so poorly, and since YouTube income is unreliable and I make very little money off of copyright-claimed content like covers, below you can find a few additional ways to support me. 


Patreon is a platform where you pledge a monthly amount in return for exclusive rewards. It is a reliable and consistent source of income for me.

To learn more about my Patreon, go here:


Bandcamp is the premier site for independent artists to sell music. Their artist-first model means that most of what you pay goes directly to the artist. All of my covers are available here for $0.99 a track, or you can get the entire collection at a discounted price. You can also name your price if you want to pay more.  

To buy my covers on bandcamp, go here:


Don't like any of the other options and just want to throw money at me? I'm not going to say no to that. 

Use the button below to make a donation via PayPal.

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Photo: Daniel Nguyen