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Photo: Alix Rae

about anne

Anne Reburn is from a small town in Oklahoma that you've probably never heard of. She grew up dancing and playing piano, and started performing in local musical theatre productions around age 10. Bass and guitar followed. Her music is filled with the youthful passion of these early experiences, transforming the monotony of the everyday into engaging, intimate narratives.

Anne's one-of-a-kind sense of humor shines through as she writes not-too-serious songs about serious subjects, and her sweet voice lends a lightness to whatever words she sings.

Anne fell in love with performing from the moment she first stepped on stage-- just because it's cliché doesn't make it less true-- but even from a young age, was always doubtful about her ability to make it as a performer.
This doubt led her on a roundabout path: through college, where she studied creative media production; almost to law school; to Spain, to study abroad; into a "real job," where she found herself miserable with no creative outlet. With this bitter taste of reality, she knew it was time to face the music at last. There was no other option but to follow her dreams. Devoid of the performing opportunities of her youth, she made her own stage, and uploaded a video to YouTube.

Now, six years later, Anne's eponymous YouTube channel boasts over 350,000 subscribers and over 50 million views. Her videos demonstrate her ability to connect with others through song and offer us a glimpse into her musical realm. Her covers have been heard across the world, including appearances on Dutch, Spanish, and American national television.

Anne currently resides in Los Angeles, where she is pursuing her passion and writing songs to deal with all her big feelings. She is proud to be an independent artist. 

Anne Reburn is available for press opportunities:

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